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EXCEL (Module 3)

Working with the large worksheet, charting and What-If Analysis

Please read Module 3 of Excel. (Pages EX113 to EX173) or (pages 851 to 911)

Follow the “Kaitlyn’s Ice Cream Shoppe” tutorial throughout the chapter.  

It is important to understand this before starting the exercise to be submitted.

Use the presentation “MS Excel – Module 03” that is in Lectures to reinforce knowledge.

        Focus in:

  • Use absolute and mixed cell references in a formula (EX132 or 870)
  • Use the IF function to perform a logical test (EX136 or 874)
  • Create and format sparkline charts (EX142 or 880)

Complete and submit the Following:

A) Complete the Chapter Exercise “Kaitlyn’s Ice Cream Shoppe” like the figure 3-1

Follow the instructions throughout the chapter (Page Ex113 to Ex172) or (Page 851 to 910)

Submit the Assignment with the Name ExM3-Ex1-YourName 

B) In Lab #1: Eight-Year Financial Projection on page EX 177 (or 915)

    Submit the Assignment with the Name ExM3-Ex2-YourName 

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