Accounting essay 2 pages must answer all questions

(TCO A) With the explosion of technological advances in the last 15 years, AIS skills are important for career success in accounting. Provide three reasons or benefits of AIS skills to any accounting-related career

(TCO C) Several years ago a ring of foreign-based hackers broke into South Pacific Bank’s system and stole $ 15 million from its customers’ accounts. Discuss how systems can become vulnerable to computer crimes and then evaluate controls that strengthen those weaknesses. (a) Provide at least three weaknesses of AIS that hackers can exploit for gain and then (b) suggest at least one control for each weakness.

(TCO D) Describe typical credit approval procedures.

(TCO E) The owner of a small family-owned business prepares his own payroll but rapid expansion is making demands for his time in other areas. He hires you to design payroll procedures with the proper internal controls that a small payroll department can handle. Design (using words) how payroll data should flow within the company, and in your design, make sure you address the control objectives.

(TCO F) Identify what tools are used to assess organizational performance and explain they are used.

(TCO G) Discuss redundancy as it applies to database design, and explain how redundancy can be reduced.

(TCO H) Provide an argument in support of a company’s decision to outsource its information system.

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