Women’s human rights | Article writing homework help

 Evaluate the global perspective of women around the world by analyzing Appiah’s Article. Defend your position regarding women’s human rights worldwide (Appiah’s Article). Link


Assignment Instruction. 

  • In his article, Appiah notifies us that in October 2005, the UNESCO General Conference approved a convention on the ‘protection and promotion’ of cultural diversity.  According to Appiah, the motivation of this convention was based on ‘the fear is that the values and images of Western mass culture, like some invasive weed, are threatening to choke out the world’s native flora.’
  • In the same article Appiah refers to some of the ‘women’s rights like the right to vote, the right to work outside their homes, the right to be protected from the physical abuse of men, etc.
  •  First, you are required to write an essay in which you are going to develop the idea of up to what point it is ‘cultural imperialism’ for us to defend those women’s rights.  By advocating these rights, are we then violating the convention of cultural diversity as we promote the protection of women’s human rights worldwide?

Maximum 2 pages.

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