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Your research project will be about a cultural family type.  Your family type will either need to be from another place in the world or it can be from an indigenous group from the U.S. or anywhere.  I have attached some indigenous cultures from around the world that you may use.

You will need to write some context about the cultural family type – give some history of the culture; the common religion in that culture; why might that family type be important within that religion, culture, or environment. The paper should also describe what a “typical” family might look like in that culture. 

For example:  In an American nuclear family, a typical family might be a mother, father, and two children. In an American nuclear family paper, I might write about how nuclear families use to have many more children because it was better for the family to have more hands to help around the house or farm. However, in the modern day, having fewer children allows the parents to provide more for their children.  (you will not be able to use the “American nuclear family.”)

The paper is worth 100 points.  Review the specifics below.

Requirements for the paper:

  • 5-7 pages long
  • Times 12-point or Arial 11-point (or similar)
  • At least 5 quality references – these must be academic resources (Wikipedia is not an academic source)
  • Must include:
    • Introduction and Conclusion
    • Cultural Context
    • History
    • Religion
    • Typical Family
    • Anything else that is relevant to your specific topic
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