Human growth and development | Anatomy homework help

Human Growth and Development

You will select a current event that relates to one of the topics below 


· Sensory and Perceptual Development

· Cognitive Development

· Information Processing

· Language

· Intelligence

· Socioemotional Development

· Identity and Personality

You will then write a 2-3-page paper about the event which connects it to Human Growth and Development as well as real-life occurrences. We will have synchronous sessions which correspond with your current event assignments.

Article Selection Tips:

An “event” is an occurrence, a noteworthy happening, or and occasion/activity. Event-based articles are often found in the news and/or periodical publications. (These are not scholarly journal articles)! 

Acceptable periodicals: Atlantic, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Time Magazine, National Geographic, Business Week, and/or any daily newspaper.

Unacceptable periodicals: Tabloids, politically oriented material, Consumer magazines (such as Women’s Day, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Men’s Health)

Assignment will include:

· A summary of the event/article

· Connection to course topics

· Your opinion regarding the topic

Formatting Requirements:

 2 pages in length

· Times New Roman, 12-point font

· Double-spaced

· APA Format

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