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The essay must be written using a formal business writing style with headings and subheadings as appropriate. Single spacing with double spacing between paragraphs is preferred. The use of first person pronouns in a reflective, personal experience essay is acceptable, but should be kept to a minimum. Include a cover page with intern name, course and date. The word count requirement is 1,500 words. This essay will not be shared with your employer.

The report should address the following:

  1. Disclose your internship employer company’s name and briefly state your expectations for participation in the College of Business internship program.
  2. Describe in some detail (without disclosing any confidential information) the kinds of work you did during the semester.
  3. Think carefully about the work you did during the semester. Select the one most significant issue or problem you were required to handle or solve. Describe in detail the nature of the issue, what procedure(s) you used to find a solution, and what the solution was.
  4. Evaluate your work experience in terms of:
    1. Practical usefulness and relevance to your major field of study. Give specific
      examples of new knowledge you gained from your intern experience.
    2. Its importance to you as compared to the other courses you took in the
      College of Business at McNeese.
    3. The amount and quality of supervision provided by your employer.
  5. Describe any effects your internship experience has had on your career plans and how your intern experience has changed how you will function as an employee.
  6. What did you like best about your internship? What did you like the least?
  7. Did you have a “set” or fixed schedule? If so, what was it? And how many hours
    per week did you normally work?
  8. Think carefully about your intern experience. If you could change one thing about
    your internship, what would you change? Why would you change this and how
    would you change it?
  9. Overall, did your intern experience meet or exceed your initial expectations? What
    advice would you offer to students who are considering an internship?
  10. What are your employment plans for next semester? Are you graduating or will you
    still be enrolled at McNeese? If you are graduating this semester, what are your
    employment plans or graduate school plans after graduation?

Essays are submitted using a plagiarism detector. Submissions with a similarity score greater than 20% will receive a grade of “0”.

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1) All required elements are addressed. 2) Content is thorough and appropriate. 3) 1500 word requirement is met.

300 pts



1) Content indicates synthesis of ideas 2) Content evidences original thought and support for the topic.

100 pts



1) The paper is well-written in a formal business writing style (APA preferred) (2) The work is absent of grammatical and/or language errors. 3) The work is presented in logical order (tells a cohesive story).

100 pts

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TOTAL 500pts

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