Essay a textual analysis | English homework help

I need you to watch the video using this link which is a ted talk to write my textual analysis essay.

Method of Organization • a brief introduction that introduces the author and text and establishes the thesis • a paragraph (or two) that summarizes the author’s claims and/or sub-claims • multiple paragraphs that evaluate the type and quality of evidence used • a conclusion that reinforces the claim/thesis of the paper

Identify Sources: Find an academic source using the online databases  • Analyze Sources: Examine the text, identifying claims, evidence, warrants, and assumptions. 

• Analyze Relationship between Text and Belief: Examine the text in relation to your belief, the history of your belief, and the text’s application to your informative essay. 

• Draft and Revise: Write a 350-550 word analysis of the author’s argument, breaking down their usage of claims, evidence, and how you see this source fitting into your research on your belief. Requirements • MLA Format • 350-550 words (double spaced) • In-text citations in the body of your essay • Work Cited page (because you are using an outside source) • A minimum of one source should appear on the works cited page 

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