research topic and proposal essay

In this assignment, you will propose the research topic pertinent to US History to the Civil War you would like to investigate this term in a brief, 1 – 2 page (300 – 500 word) essay.

  • In proper essay format, begin by describing your topic in a sentence or two and how it relates to US History to the Civil War. 
  • Discuss what sources you think you might find and where (200 – 400 words).
  • Describe what argument or arguments you think you might be able to make about this topic.
  • Finally, describe any difficulties you have encountered or anticipate encountering with this project. 
  • Make sure you format your essay using the proper format for your selected style (MLA, APA, or Chicago Style for Humanities) including margins, spacing, heading requirements, title, etc. Please don’t forget your name!
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