One typed, double spaced, research project on apartheid.

USE LMC COLLEGE DATABASE!! to use and cite 2 different sources!!


Directions: In a response of at least 300 words (equal to about one page, typed and double-spaced), write a short research report answering the following questions about apartheid in South Africa in preparation to read and understand Trevor Noah’s Born a CrimeYou are required to use and cite at least two research sources from the LMC library databases to inform your report. You should not be citing sources outside of the databases in this report. Your report does not need to include analysis. Rather, this will be a summary of what you’ve learned from your research. You must cite the sources in-text as well as provide full citations for the source. Use ICE structure to integrate quotes as evidence.

Research Questions:

1) What is Apartheid? Describe its policies.

2) When did Apartheid start? How/why did these policies develop?

3) How did the government justify Apartheid?

4) Who is Nelson Mandela? What was his role in Apartheid?

5) How and when did Apartheid end?

*Please do not attach your response as a file. Post it in the textbox. Since this is a discussion post, MLA formatting will not be graded (margins, line spacing, etc.) However, your MLA citations will be graded. Correctly formatted in-text citations and citations of your sources are strictly required.

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