Mineral paragraph | Science homework help


Write a paragraph to answer each of the following prompts. UNDERLINE or HIGHLIGHT the vocabulary words when you write your answers.

Check off the TEN words that you will use in your answers.

___mineral ___ hardness ___streak ___luster

___density ___mineral cleavage ___fracture ___color

___element ___atom ___compound ___matter

___inorganic ___solid ___crystal ___special property

1. Describe at least five characteristics of minerals.

 2. Explain how minerals contribute to rock composition 


Grading Rubric:

_____/20 pts. TEN vocabulary words were used correctly in your answers.

_____/10 pts. Vocabulary words were underlined or highlighted to stand out

_____/35 pts. Question 1 was answered correctly

_____/35 pts. Question 2 was answered correctly

TOTAL _________/100 pts

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