Discussion board week 12 | GEN 101


The forms and identities that disability can take are varied, complex, and intersecting. In thinking about our conversation in class, please respond to the following prompts:

A. Read over “Disability Solidarity: Completing the Vision for Black Lives”. What arguments do the authors provide to make explicit the intersection of race and disability justice – or rather, injustice? How can you understand the intersection of disability, race and gender? 

B. Returning to our conversation around the educational system, in what ways can you imagine or have witnessed how disability is used to “other” children/students? How do you think the “other” status that disability ascribes to children (when it is PUT UPON bodies as opposed to CLAIMED by individuals as their own) follows them in their educational career and outside of it?

C. Let’s return to the question from our last Discussion Board: how has thinking about disability changed your ideas on how we construct “normal” and “not normal”? In what ways can further our visions of liberation by centering the voices and experiences of disabled folks? 

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