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To inject current developments and news into the cases discussed this term, this assignment may have Qs related to the recent Climate Change report, GM’s decision to “un-locate” its North American plants, President Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, and so on. This assignment may also have questions related to assigned articles, cases discussed, as well as concepts and theories related to the cases.

Specifically, for the cases you read/discussed, you may anticipate questions on the following:

Problem(s). Situation analysis—with complete SWOT matrix. Alternatives. Recommended strategy (your position on what could help the organization overcome the problem(s)). Specific Action Plan(s) for the future.

Here are some questions answer them thoroughly as you can in short paragraphs.


A. Current Events:
· Amazon has recently acquired Whole Foods with the intent to increase its brick-and-mortar presence. Likewise, Alibaba, the giant Chinese online outfit, has spent $2.9 B for a 36.6 % stake in Sun Art Retail, a leading Chinese hypermarket company. 

The likes of Wal-Mart and Target are busy creating an online presence through direct investments and acquisitions (e.g., for Wal-Mart).
Clearly, there is a huge change in orientation and strategies –among online as well as traditional store operators. What is underway may indeed give us a better sense of what the future retail model may look like. Why do you believe traditional online (e.g., Amazon) and traditional retail establishments (e.g., Wal-Mart) are re-thinking their strategies? In other words, why are online stores focused on creating a presence in traditional retail settings, while traditional brick-and-mortar stores are embracing online presence? Discuss.   

· President Trump has outlined in some broad terms what he intends to do when it comes to trade. Based on what you believe would be his policy, re-evaluate the Opportunities and Challenges India and China present for U.S. companies interested in entering the markets of these two nations. 

· The United Kingdom has voted on leaving the EU. Let us assume you are responsible for marketing Apple’s products in the UK (Consumers Take a Shine to Apple). How does Brexit affect your next 5-year strategic planning? Discuss their implications on your regional or global product and pricing strategies.

· On-going trade wars may lead to global recession –this prospect seems to be high between the US and China as well as the US and the EU! If we focus just on the EU, we note that, although some EU member nations are back from the brink of economic disaster, things are not great yet in Spain, France, Italy …and so on. Bad assets are still weighing down banks’ books all over the world, affecting their willingness and abilities to lend.
Let us assume you are marketing GM’s mid-price autos in the EU. How do these changes affect your next 5-year strategic planning? Discuss their implications on your regional and global product and pricing strategies.

Assigned Articles: Wyndham’s recent problems have been outlined in one of the cases/articles we read. Discuss at least 3 things Wyndham may focus on to fend off the competition it faces. Outline the specifics it may do about its (1) target market(s), and (2) marketing mix elements.

Case Discussions/Analyses: In what profound ways should Mattel change its strategy? What feasible alternatives may lead to success? Discuss why? Try to develop a strategic plan good for the next 10 to 20 years.  

A. Relevant Concepts/Theories:  First-mover advantages. Relatively-last-mover advantages. Salesforce restructuring and/or reorganization principles. Economies of scale predictability. The Selling concept v. the Marketing concept. The unique attributes of marketing versus selling concept in the current marketplace. Recent changes in the cost structure. The importance of outsourcing. Multi-domestic marketing strategies. Standardized global strategies. Virtual reality. Changes in consumer media exposure habits. And so on. 

What factors are important in global marketing decisions? How do you evaluate these factors?

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