Brainy april 25 | Management homework help


Option #1: Labor Relations

Though union influence has diminished over the past years, they still are a force in some industries such as domestic auto production and public-sector employment. Therefore, a key factor in understanding human resource management is to effectively create and manage a strategy to develop a positive working relationship with labor unions, both their representatives and their members. Given this background, compose a paper that addresses the following:

· Briefly describe the nature and scope of today’s union and its members, including—among other demographic variables—their average age, educational level, and type of industry/professional.

· Describe the role and function of a union in today’s industrial landscape.

· Craft a five-point plan that a human resource professional should follow/adapt in order to create a positive, conducive, and mutually rewarding relationship between unions and organizations. Be sure to discuss the impediments to this relationship and how one can overcome those impediments.

Your paper should be:

· 5 pages in length, , not including title and reference pages (which are required). Include a formal references page. 

· Formatted and cited according to APA.

· Supported by at least three scholarly sources 

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