Writing a pitch letter about press release

A pitch letter outlines the relevance and newsworthiness of a story. It is sent to a journalist or an editor of a newspaper, magazine, blog, etc., with the aim to garner interest and generate positive coverage for your organization’s efforts.

Write a one-page pitch letter to a traditional print or online media outlet, pitching a feature story about the press release in the file (brands collaboration). ADDRESS THIS TO AN ACTUAL REAL JOURNALIST AT A REAL OUTLET THAT COVERS THE SUBJECT MATTER/TYPE OF STORY THAT YOU ARE PITCHING. 

Follow the inverted triangle method (most important info at the top, supporting info toward the bottom) and make sure your correspondence is succinct and professional. 

Fundamentals of crafting a successful pitch:

  • Do your homework
  • Personalize
  • Be polite and honest
  • Localize
  • Use celebrities
  • Be creative
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