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Select 10 scholarly articles (ALL ARTICLES MUST BE WITHIN THE LAST 10 YEARS) that will support research paper topic “How to change the status quo to a new model.” Write an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography takes each article and a short paragraph is written stating how the article supports your research paper. Each scholarly article is listed (in APA format) then the paragraph is written.

This means I will be looking for 3 items for each source:

1. The reference.

2. A summary paragraph.

3. A paragraph that states how the article supports your research paper.

No reference list is needed because you are providing references in the assignment.

Below are 3 Journals to start with.

Clarke, S. (2016). The reversal test, status quo bias, and opposition to human cognitive enhancement. Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 46(3), 369–386.


Shevchenko, Y., Helversen, B., & Scheibehenne, B. (2014). Change and status quo in decisions with defaults: The effect of incidental emotions depends on the type of default.


Varone, F., Ingold, K., & Jourdain, C. (2017). Defending the status quo across venues and coalitions: Evidence from california interest groups. Journal of Public Policy, 37(1), 1-26. 


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