Project 7b – covid paper or psa


For this assignment,  you have two choices – you will do only ONE of them. Please get started right away as either of these will take some time!

OPTION ONE – A two-page mini research paper on the COVID-19 topic of your choice. Listed below are a few ideas for topics – you may choose from those listed or come up with your own as long as it pertains to COVID-19. Topic ideas — Personal experience with the disease; Myths and misinformation; Government responses; Other effects of the pandemic and the lockdown; Latest scientific discoveries; Hopes for vaccines, treatments or cure;

(If you have your own idea  for a topic and want to check it with me, just send me a quick email via Canvas.)

If you choose this option, you will write a 2 page paper on your chosen topic – typed, double spaced – standard font and formatting – i.e. approximately 250-300 words per page. It will include factual information –Use at least 2 sources to back this up (don’t forget to include the references!) as well as your own thoughts on the topic. You will submit the paper as a linked document.

OPTION TWO– Create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for COVID-19 prevention (handwashing, social distancing, masks, avoiding contact, not touching the face, etc) and/or awareness (statistical information, myth-busting, etc.) Whatever you prefer. The PSA could be a poster, a pamphlet, a script for a TV or radio ad, a song, a poem, a rap, an animation, a TikTok, a video, etc. Something that will get people’s attention and spread the message about prevention and/or awareness. A time to use your creative energy 🙂  To submit, you can submit a link to a video or animation, etc. or take a photo of the poster/pamphlet and submit it. If you are having trouble submitting it, you can email it to me on Canvas. .

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