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Programmatic Design 

Your goal with this activity is to further develop the mini-program  you have been working on. Now that you have a domain with some  competencies that you derived from your SPA standards, go back and take a  look at the standards document as a whole. List the standards that are  met next to the domain and competencies. For example, if you met the  International Literacy Association (ILA) Standard 2, competency 4 with a  specific competency you’ve written, you’d write (ILA 2.4) next to the  competency. Often, you will find that the competencies you developed  meet more than one standard/competency in the overall standards  document. Please list all of the standards you have met and refine the  language of your domain/competency document from Topic 3. You may find  that if you change a word or two, you will be able to cover more  standards/competencies.

Once you have your domain and competencies aligned, describe three to  four activities a faculty member could facilitate that would help  students be able to master those competencies. Make sure that at least  one competency is covered with each activity. You can cover a competency  more than one time. At this point, you are only describing the  activities. You do not need to create the materials to go with those  activities yet (handouts, templates, presentations, etc. are not needed  at this point).

Submit your revised domain and competency document and the description of the three to four activities as one deliverable. 

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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