Masculinity and care presentation | Social Science homework help


Presentation methodology

You may use these 6 steps to write your presentation.

1. What is the chapter about?

2. Who is the chapter addressing?

3. Concerns of this chapter.

4. My conceptions

5. Success of the Argument

6. References


Hanlon, N. (2009) Masculinities, Care and Equality: Identity and Nurture in Men’s Lives. London: Palgrave MacMillan; selected chapters below are uploaded to Moodle.

Ch. 3

Masculinities and Care (pp. 2-14) is a theoretical chapter about Masculinity Studies and the place of care therein

i Have sent you the book, and the chapter 3 is for presentation. well it is 15min presntation think about it. i will say 7 slides 

i have provided a model of question the lecturer may need to see. however if you can propose something more great…


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