Jes assign 1 | Psychology homework help

due march 6

As a forensic psychology professional, you will encounter a variety of ethical issues in handling cases of family violence, including issues with identification, intervention, and treatment, as well as many other facets. It is imperative that you understand these issues and be prepared to handle them within your personal and professional life.

In this Assignment, you will identify ethical challenges associated with family violence and offer ideas to prepare for these challenges, as well as strategies to address them within a case.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Read the APA and AP-LS ethical guidelines found in your Learning Resources. Consider the perspective from which you plan on working within the field of forensic psychology, and identify two ethical issues that you might encounter when working with family violence.

The Assignment: 2- to 3-page paper

Explain two ethical issues you might encounter when working in matters of family violence. Explain why those ethical issues might prove to be challenging. Explain ways in which you could avoid these ethical issues and recommend 2–3 strategies that you could use to help manage each issue.

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