Week 4 peer response 1 | GEN 104: College Reading Strategies | Ashford University


  • Review the materials my peer noted that would be challenging and share strategies you feel will help them.
  • Your responses should be at least 100 words.


 My degree program is a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. This degree program consists of A bachelor’s degree in early childhood education that prepares graduates for roles like preschool teacher, elementary school teacher, and childcare center director. During an early childhood education degree, learners study child development, teaching methods, and curriculum design.  In my Major course of study, the materials that I can see myself working with would be textbooks, articles, and web resources and I feel that many eBooks would be a great material that I can see myself using.  When comparing the materials that I found in the Research Guide I found that I would be using more materials than I had thought I would need in this role. I found that I would be using organization and Associates and along with academic journals. Many of the materials that I thought I would be using were listed in the Research guide. Out of all the materials that  I found the ones that I enjoy reading the most our eBooks and web resources. I like Web resources because I can bookmark the articles and also if I want to I can print out the article and take notes on the material that I was reading.   I was not surprised by any of the materials that I found in my program. Because I have seen many teachers that I work with talking about a lot of these materials and I have had the honor to attend many hours of Professional Development over the last few years of working in a school.  The strategies that I can see myself using or Deep reading and slow reading and maybe I can take notes as I read the articles and also making sure that I am asking questions and answering them as I go through the text will help me to work with the materials at hand. 

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