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This assignment is designed to familiarize students with completing the necessary work for a research report and to produce that report. To receive a good grade on these papers, you should include the following in your report.  In addition, please review the syllabus for the requirements written papers.  Your grade will also be partially determined by grammar, formatting, etc.  The entire paper should use APA formatting.

Documents, including a description of the sample and SPSS information about statistical analyses are included.  You are not required to perform any statistical analyses, but you will be expected to interpret the SPSS printout information. 

This is a learning experience, not an exam. So, please do not be afraid to ask any questions you may have.  Good luck!

I.  Title Page

II.  Table of Contents

III.  Executive Summary

IV.  Background

A.  Literature Review (use at least five (5) references, other than the ones given as references for the concepts)

B.  Statement of Hypotheses

V.  Methodology

A.  Sample – Consumers

1.  Who are these consumers, in terms of ages and gender?

2.  How many are in the sample?

B.  Data Collection – How was the data collected?

C.  Measures Used

1.  Reliability Analysis of Scales

2.  Scale Reduction Resulting from Reliability Analysis

D.  Statistical Analysis – What statistics were used?

VI.  Findings

A.  Do the findings support the hypotheses?  Regression.

B.  R2.

VII.  Recommendations and Conclusions

VIII.  Appendices (if needed)

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