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Need 500 words of each with two references


Chain link fences are strong, resilient, extremely durable, and entrenched with psychological deterrence against intruders. It is worth indicating that chain-link fence is cost-effective measures to protect organization facilities.

  • Provide all-embracing narrative of your impression relative to chain-link fences on mid-level corporation.
  • Explain why your strategic plan will not support major organization chain-link fence system.


You have been retained as a Data Analyst for Omega Corporation, Inc. charged with the responsibility of designing and implementing a comprehensive two-year facility recovery plan. If you subscribe to the fact that doors, frame doors and locks are entrenched with vulnerabilities and inherent risk.

  • Describe in detail how doors, door frames and locks can contribute to the protection of the organization’s assets, resources, data and information. 


Physical security is a fundamental component of cybersecurity operations and buildings are not complete without compatible glass-windows that habitually facilitate entry and emission of natural indoor lights, allowing occupants to enjoy the views of the neighborhood, locality and to keep houses ventilated.

  • Described in detail the impact of compatible glass-windows on an organization’s facility relative to cyber-threats, cyber-attacks, data breach, assets, resources and intellectual property.

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