Plagiarism scanner: how to prevent plagiarism


It is a no-brainer: students tend to plagiarize content a lot these days. Unfortunately, but it is true. That is why, there are many plagiarism scanners to check content. It is not like schools do not trust you, but more like they are trying to keep you honest and accountable for your actions.

But where the plagiarism is coming from? Before talking about why students need a free plagarism scanner, you may look into reasons why students choose to plagiarize. As everything starts from a point when a student plagiarizes someone else’s content. And below you can find reasons for that:

Main causes of plagiarism among university students:

  • Laziness. Of course, not all students are lazy. A lot of them are hard-working and diligent, striving to achieve great heights using their own strength without having to cheat. So, they stay away from stealing content written by someone else. However, there are young people that are simply lazy and choose to take texts by someone else to save some hassle.
  • Fear. Some young people choose to copy other content in order to meet the requirements their teachers leave them with. So, instead of coming up with ideas they are not confident about, they take ideas that will definitely be accepted.
  • Lack of experience. Young people have no faith in their strengths and do not really know how to share their thoughts in a right way. Therefore, instead of spending hours trying to articulate their ideas, they take advantage of the formulated things already said by someone before them.
  • Lack of organization. Finally, some students have all the chances to craft great content that would impress the teachers and help them earn good grades, but due to lack of organization they wait until the last moment. And once they realize that no more time is left, they simply copy the texts they found online.

Main Purpose of Plagiarism Scanner

There are even more reasons why young people choose to copy content. But you should be convinced by the reasons mentioned above in the necessity of using an online plagiarism scanner at every educational establishment.

Plagiarism scanner can help you avoid issues with college administration and ensure the highest grades for your work. So, if you are afraid that some parts of your writing can be qualified as plagiarism, then using this software can be a great help. 

However, even if you do not use a plagiarism scanner, you should find it and try to check your paper. Besides, you can pick one online. There are tons of free, easy to use and reliable checkers available online. So, if you do not check your own text to ensure its quality, chances are that your school will, and if they detect any plagiarized content, there will be consequences.

Checking your writing before someone else does it is a smart move. And enjoy writing without copying – it is definitely not as hard as you think, and once you get on track you will surely enjoy it.


This tool was actually developed to scan academic papers and basically any papers for plagiarism. It will allow you to automatically check your papers to know that they’re original or if not to know what parts you should change or rewrite.

Using plagiarism scanner can be beneficial and necessary as you may have huge problems if the professor finds duplicate content in your papers. 

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