Assignment on gibbs model (leadership article critical analysis gibbs

 Pick any article from the below list, and make an article it must be 15 pages PPT in length, be on-topic, and must have an author and a publisher to be a valid choice.

  1. Academy of Management Journal
  2. Academy of Management Perspectives
  3. Academy of Management Review
  4. Academy of Management, Learning, &      Education
  5. Administrative Science Quarterly
  6. British Journal of Management
  7. Business Ethics Quarterly
  8. Business Strategy & the Environment
  9. Journal of Business Ethics
  10. Journal of Change Management
  11. Journal of International Business Studies
  12. Leadership Quarterly
  13. MIT Sloan Management Review

The main focus of your presentation must be on providing a critical analysis of the article, provide brief summary of important points the author makes.  In your presentation you should briefly describe the content of the article chosen, identifying key assumptions and conclusions of the authors and giving your opinion on them 

Address 3 categories (Purpose, Audience, Authority, Accuracy, Objective, Currency and Coverage.

Identity important things you learned about the article subject, how can you use what you learned at work or business career.

Professionalism expected with grammar and a nice format. Also, include references.

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