Wk4 cla 1 | Marketing homework help

CLA-1 should be the continuation of your PA 1
. Therefore, you need to prepare and research the following information about Hofstede cultural dimensions (previously chosen by you for PA 1) and answer the following questions:  

  • Explain Hofstede cultural framework application to international marketing and global branding? 
  • Explain Hofstede cultural framework application to consumer behavior?
  • Provide some advantages and disadvantages of being influenced by cultural differences.  
  • Based on your research and what you’ve learned from Hofstede cultural framework, suggest a possible dissertation topic? 

This paper needs to include how useful your analysis is in terms of helping you
understand Hofstede cultural dimensions application to international marketing strategy and consumer behavior. 


5 pages use sources attached in Hofstede. PA1 it is attached in “country”

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