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In addition to reading the case, listed below is additional information to help you analyze the Ruth’s Chris Case:

  1. Based on the decision criteria (discussed in the case and criteria that you think is most relevant), discuss two potential international locations including the city and the country for the next restaurant. These cannot be a country in which Ruth’s already has a restaurant; make sure you look at Ruth’s Chris website. (Links to an external site.)
  2. Compare the two locations using the CAGE analysis format.
  3. Make a final recommendation of the best location (of the two discussed in # 1 and # 2 above). Provide persuasive explanations and supporting information to justify your recommendations. Convince Mr. Hannah (and me) why Ruth’s will be successful in this new international location.
  4. Recommend a mode of entry (company-owned, franchise, license, joint venture, export, etc.) and explain why this is the best way for Ruth’s to enter. A discussion of potential partners and licensees is highly encouraged (and will be rewarded).
  5. Remember: do not waste any time or space repeating facts in the case. (I have read the case.) Be clear and concise. Use both qualitative and quantitative data to support your recommendations. Use charts, graphs, tables, etc., to support your analysis.
  6. Refer to the Case Guidelines discussed in class and posted below for additional information.
  7. Class participation will be factored into your grade.

Case Analysis Guidelines

  • Three- to four-page typed case summary. Do not exceed the four-page limit for your written paper. You can use a fifth page for graphics (chart, graph, table, and picture) that are relevant to your case analysis or recommendations
  • Assume your case summary will be read by the CEO and Board of Directors. Be professional
  • Be clear and concise. However, be specific enough to demonstrate what you know
  • You will receive a much better grade for thorough research, original thoughts and ideas, and well-supported recommendations. You will receive a very low grade for lack of research and unsupported recommendations. Do not repeat the facts given in the case
  • Written analysis
    • Discuss the challenges and/or important factors facing the company
    • Show evidence that you performed research on relevant topics (industry, company, product, country, market, competition, etc.) and understand the current situation (the cases are several years old)
    • Discuss two possible alternatives to “solve” the problem
    • Recommend a specific course of action and provide a convincing explanation as to why your actions will lead to success for the company (vague and general reasons will not convince me)
    • Do not merely repeat facts stated in the case. Demonstrate your critical thinking ability
  • Financial analysis
    • Use the knowledge and quantitative skills you acquired in your accounting, finance, economics, statistics, etc., courses
    • Use data and information to analyze the situation and support your recommendations
    • Use charts, graphs, tables, etc., to explain the situation and help others to understand your recommendations
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