Reseach method | Social Science homework help

This is a research method business report.


Please follow the given instructions under to show how i would like the report done.


1. Professional

2. Well presented

3. Include the science in the appendix

4. Include a well presented executive summary 

5. Dont talk about the whole industry stick to the subject provided. (Hsbc and usasupercars)

6. Include table of context

7.  Include graphs 

8. Make well designed and colourfull

9. 2500 words for the main body only.

10. No assumptions about the backround of the reader.

11. Include refrence like newspaper megazines textbooks not acadamic journels.

12. No plagarism


As you can see the are in the tables given where it says mean and under it it has various numbers for each country. And next to each number there is either dd or mm or yy these present my date of birth so which dd representing day mm month and yy year. Where you will need my date of birth to workout the calculations. So each student will have a different set of results.


My date of birth is 29-08-1987


You input this into the table



I have also attached 2 previous assignments you could take a look at just for example.


Thank you


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