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  • Choose a specific community, organization or type of organization you are familiar within your life, such as your employer, school, or faith-based or other nongovernmental organization that you may serve as a volunteer.
  • Describe various pitfalls that might be encountered in its disaster preparedness plans or planning processes.
  • A recent class lecture presented information on training and exercises, including their purposes and potential benefits. Below are some questions to consider for the specific community, organization or type of organization you chose: You don’t have to respond to all of them, but please provide reasons for your answers. Your discussion should focus on a real organization
    • Does your organization conduct drills and training? For what particular kinds of disasters, crises, or critical incidents? Have you found the drills or training useful?
    • Are the drills always scheduled and announced in advance, or are there “surprise,” no-notice drills and exercises?
    • Are there “injects” of new information or changes in the original scenario to challenge the participants?
    • Are there types of incidents for which there are currently no drills or training, but you think should be done?
    • After drills or training, are after-action or lessons learned reports prepared, or meetings held to evaluate the results and develop action or improvement plans?
    • What improvements would you recommend? 

APA format, in-text citation(APA format), references include, 1 1/2 page

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