Marketing communications case study creative brief

Utilize Chapter Five / Case One / Advertising Jeans to Teens (page 143) to craft a creative brief for a jean company. Include components described in pages 134-136: objective, target audience, message theme, support and constraints. Model after the Army example provided. Minimum three quality bibliographic references (in-paper citations and works cited; MLA or APA). DO NOT USE the text or Wikipedia as sources. THE CASE AND PAGES FROM THE BOOK ARE ATTACHED. NO PLAGARISM WILL GO THROUGH A CHECKER.



Louisville’s Mark Rosenthal, Creative Director at Creative Alliance, graciously shared documents relevant to this assignment from his real-world work files and personal stashof teaching materials. In addition to the Army example you’ll be modeling to write your own creative brief, be sure to review the Chix and Kentucky Energy Cooperative example she provided. This folder also contains Mark’s creative brief teaching tool with descriptors and a separate creative brief template to get you started.

Here are a few additional comments from Mark:

“As a creative person, I hate over-thought, over-written creative briefs. So Istress, write it and re-write it. And rewrite it. And rewrite it until the main message is prioritized, succinct and relevant (and compelling if possible). Keep it brief! If I’m being asked to produce a print ad, a TV spot, an outdoor board or a web-banner, there’s only so much time or space for an idea and critical information. Consumers rarely if ever read body copy in an ad. It’s a fact. We have a millisecond to make a connection with our target so it better be worth their time or they’ll pass on you.”

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