Develop a matlab gui that allows the users to label a connected

Submission Guidelines

Prepare a folder with your Matlab (m) and GUI (fig) files into zip folder

Description of Assignment

Develop a Matlab GUI that allows the users to label a connected component in the binary

image by clicking on one of its pixels.

Following are specific requirements:

– Your GUI must provide a button that allows the user to browse and select a binary image, and then show the selected binary image on axes.

– When the user clicks on a foreground pixel on GUI, you must use the position of mouse click as the starting point to implement the algorithm discussed in class to extract connected components.

– When the user clicks on a background pixel on GUI, there should be no change.

– You can use function ginput to read x and y coordinates of mouse click.

– You can use function imdilate to implement the morphological dilation operation.

– You must show the connected component output of the selected foreground object on a separate image next to the original image.


Read the connected component morphological algorithm in the word file attached (Dilation-Connected component algorithm.docx)

Assignment should be done using “morphological algorithm” and on the images(Input Set) provided

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