Wk 4 – crm design proposal | CMGT555 Systems Analysis And Development | University of Phoenix

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Faculty Note:
If your first reaction after reading this assignment question is to google some of these terms like Bottom Up Design, Storyboard, … don’t. There are many unrelated areas that use the term Bottom Up Design, Storyboard, and similar terms. It is a surefire way of answering this assignment wrongly.

I would recommend sitting through “UX-driven Software Design” Pluralsight course first, and that would give you more context when you get results back from your web searches, to discern the relevant content from the trash … no I mean the rest.

As for storyboard, this is a term used a lot in filming. Remember, this is about a storyboard that “… represents general screen layout and user flow within the system”. If you have a storyboard copied from the web somewhere, but it is not relevant to the question, you may not have answered the question. 


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