Exploring tax cuts, jobs, and tax revenue


Exploring Tax Cuts, Jobs, and Tax Revenue

There has been discussion about whether the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that took effect in 2018 is increasing tax revenue. Tax revenue can be thought of an as average tax rate multiplied by taxable income. If the average tax rate falls while taxable income stays the same, tax revenue will fall. But what if the tax cuts increase taxable income? The major schools of thought in macroeconomics (Keynesians and Neoclassicals) believe that tax cuts increase economic growth. Economic growth increases taxable income. Our economic growth before the pandemic brought unemployment down to historically low levels.

Reply to these questions to begin your discussion:

  • Do you think that tax cuts increase economic growth and taxable income so much that tax revenue increases?
  • Or do you think that tax cuts reduce tax revenue? Explain your answers.




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