Sports administration midterm | Management homework help

Part 1: Come up with a Mission Statement (Involve loyalty and winning) for a business or organization (Basketball Organization) that you would wish to run. Come up with 3 main goals and 3 objectives for each goal. Provide a rationale for why you chose the goals and objectives you chose. You need to discuss your objectives in 75-100 words. 

Part 2: Using your favorite sports administration/organization (Lakers NBA) as an example.  Provide the organizational flow chart of the administration/organization.  For each person, briefly label what their responsibilities are.  Use your book to help you write this out. 

Part 3: Using chapters 5&6 as a guide, please write about one lawsuit that your favorite organization (Lakers NBA) has dealt with in its history.  Please use the terms and definitions listed in these chapters.  I am expecting a 300-450 word response here. 

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