Reaction presentation need 3 completed

Prepare a brief reaction presentation to a case study, news and/or academic article of the student’s own choosing. Students must also submit a one-page executive summary of the article.  A case study, news article, or an academic paper, the selected case should be mainly fact-based on the circumstances and situation of a specific individual (or group of specific individuals) or an organization.

 Presentations should be 5 minutes in length, prepared using a slideshow program (e.g., PowerPoint or Keynote). Students will present virtually to the class each week. o Students must articulately express an analytical reaction to the case study/article being sure to discuss how the article addressed the principles addressed in the chapter. Further, each presentation should specifically speak to the learning objectives listed at the beginning of each chapter (see below). o What is the case study/article about? What is the dilemma or problem to be solved? Be sure to explain the POV of the multiple stakeholders. o What are the management considerations after reading this article? 

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