Ga research 2 | Article writing homework help

research explains whether it is safer to fly in a general aviation aircraft or travel in a United States car. APA format.

the outline is attache, and the rubric too.

Length: You are asked to write your research paper in APA (American Psychological Association) format, with a minimum of 5 pages of text, double-spaced text, NOT including the cover page and references section.  

In addition, the paper must include a cover page and a references page. Any graphs, diagrams, images etc. should be placed in an Appendix and do not count towards the 5 page text length requirement.

This assignment requires you to research and report on an aspect of general aviation, or a topic related to general aviation, subject to the instructor’s approval.

Cover page must have a title, your name, the course number, and date. 

The paper must be typed, font Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, one inch margins. 

This paper requires a minimum of two (2) “scholarly” references.  However it is preferable that at least five (5) references be used, one per page of text. This means that “Wikipedia” and similar “crowd-sourced” websites are not acceptable.

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