Strategies for supporting an argument


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· Following the strategies below as described on p 419 of Everyone’s an Author, write three short paragraphs (4+ sentences) utilizing one different strategy (at least) for each paragraph.  Argument should be the same one you plan to use for essay , but it doesn’t have to be.











419 Strategies for supporting an Argument:

Analogy: Compare two things that would otherwise be quite different, used to simplify or clarify complex or abstract ideas.

Weaknesses: can oversimplify, or make an inaccurate analogy. Flying a jet is just like riding a bike . . .

Cause/Effect: Trying to outline the cause of a particular event, or guess the effects of one.

Weaknesses: can be very difficult to nail down an exact cause or the exact effects. The meteor shower happened on my birthday, so they must be related . . .

Classification: Grouping items into categories according to similarities (ie books into genres, crimes into tiers)

Weaknesses: Can be restrictive, and brings about the issue of authority—who decides what belongs where? Is a mystery novel with a lot of romance still a mystery novel?

Comparison/Contrast: Compare to look at similarities, contrast to look at differences, clearly relates two separate issues. 

Weaknesses: can be too focused on two sides, ignoring middle grounds. Comparing only pro-gun and anti-gun

Definition: Define a word, concept or idea. List their characteristic features, distinguishing details, perhaps an example.

Weakness: definition too obvious. People might not agree with your definition. Eat means to consume. To be human you must socialize.

Description: How something looks, sounds, tastes feels, to give a dominant impression. 

Weakness: Be sure of relevancy—is it important to know how something tastes? 

Examples: Specific instances provided to back up a larger, more abstract claim. 

Weakness: examples focus on small picture, and can sometimes not show the full picture. 

Humor: Can help provide relief, connect with reader, vary the tone

Weakness: be wary that it fits context and tone. 

Narration: A story used to engage audience reflect the argument emotionally
 Weakness: works more towards emotions, less towards logic, can be manipulative. 

Problem/Solution: Illustrate a problem, and provide possible solutions—how to achieve the solution and effects. 

Reiteration: repetition to help support the argument through emphasis. 

Weakness: runs the danger of redundancy 

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