9.6 – individual activity report



For this assignment, you will turn in your Letter/Report to BluJay  Aviation, Inc. Include your company name in the letter/report.

The letter/report should be submitted to BluJay Aviation, Inc., from  your consulting business. Be sure to include a bill for your services.  Make it appropriate for the amount of work. The letter/report should be  approximately 2-4 pages, again editing and rewriting normally improves  work. The format should be a typical business letter/report style.

Remember as a business consultant, your company needs to make  recommendations for Episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9 and be backed up with data,  making any reasonable assumptions your company deems necessary. Refer  back to the instructions in Module 5.2 and grading rubric before  submitting your letter/report.

Save and submit your assignment using a naming convention that  includes your first and last name and the activity number (or  description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.


9.3 – Individual Activity: Episode 9

Another growth opportunity has arisen for BluJay Aviation and the  company has asked for your business consulting company’s advice.

A company giving scenic rides over the city in a helicopter has  decided to close their business. The helicopter is for sale. Financing  of this purchase would be either by borrowing or by obtaining new  investors.


Your final letter/report from your consulting company to BluJay is  due by the end of this module. It should include your advice on  financing the helicopter. What are the advantages and disadvantages of  each form of financing expansion? Be sure to determine the effect on the  financial statements and various ratios. Recommend whether BluJay  should expand, and if so, how the helicopter should be purchased.


8.3 – Individual Activity: Episode 7

Your business consulting company has received a second request for advice from BluJay Aviation, Inc.

BluJay Aviation has allowed their clients to pay 30-60 days after  services have been given. This too often causes their cash flow from  operating activities to be negative, even though they are earning a  profit. The economy has also made them nervous about collecting since a  few businesses that use their services, especially the realtors, may not  stay in business.


Choose two options they might try to improve their cash flow and also  advise them about the valuation of their accounts receivable. Create a  rough draft of what you are going to put in the final letter/report to  BluJay for Episode 8 due in Module 9.


6.3 – Individual Activity: Episode 8

BluJay Aviation has called on your business consulting company  again for some advice. Brad has decided that they should extend the life  of the aircraft from an original estimate of 15 years to 20 or 25  years. Three years have already been taken on the aircraft. He believes  this will allow them to show a larger profit.


Make a recommendation to BluJay. What are the pros and cons of this  alternative? In your recommendation to BluJay, be sure to state the  implications of your decision on all of the financial statements, not  just the income statement.

Draw up a rough draft of what you are going to put in the final letter/report to BluJay for Episode 8.

Remember, the best writing is done, edited, and redone.

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