Reflective essay-telecom and comp networks

Reflective Essay Writing Assignment. This course promotes inclusive community by embracing a global world view of information networking innovation.  Research the challenges of providing affordable access to the latest innovations in telecommunications and computer networking. Write a 500-750 word reflective essay analyzing how communities overcome economic and technical limitations with novel networking solutions. Some possible areas of investigation include municipal wireless networks, cell phone and broadband government subsidies, net neutrality, wifi calling, wardriving and piggybacking. Explore the ethical dimensions and dilemmas associated with the selected topic, and reflect on how your experiences have shaped your perspective.   Submissions will be checked for plagiarism. You must reference and cite at least three sources, with a minimum of two from refereed or edited publications. Paraphrasing and direct quotes must always be accompanied by a citation that credits the source. 

 Written work should include APA formatted citations to give proper recognition to works quoted, paraphrased, or referenced.  Always include a cover sheet stating your name, date, assignment instructions, and a statement certifying the originality of your work.  

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