Prepare 2 @ questions from chapter 10 – 14:

Please see attachment for textbook:

1) Discussion: any topic in Threat modeling and write a review on it.

 No plagrism


Follow instructions

2) Final Exam questions

This week’s discussion is designed to review the semester and leads to the final exam. Complete the following:

1) Write (2) questions that are appropriate for the final exam. (Multiple choice – 4 choices.)
2) Create a new thread for each new question (2 threads)
3)  Publish (3) comments on other students’ questions. Make substantive  comments that show that you have read (and thought about) other  students’ questions.

Question format:

What does the “S” stand for in STRIDE?
a. Secure
*b. Spoofing
c. Sanitizing
d. Serial

So, to summarize, you have (5) actions to complete (2 posts, 3 comments). 

Also answer for questions you prepare. 

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