Mythology liturature paper ( corn mom story) 10 pages

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Instruction: Keep in mind that you’re looking at a creation narrative, which is also called a cosmogony. The paper should involve having your write some historical context for the narrative. Include relevant information that is related to how we need to use this background in order to understand the myth. You can summarize the narrative in your own words. The next task is for you to analyze and interpret it, using ideas from our class as well as your own research. You’ll want to look at recurring patterns that are relevant to the myth. Think about kinds of cosmogonies as well as typical characteristics of gods and goddesses within these stories. Are there culture heroes? Mythic heroes? Think about relevant themes in the narratives, and look for how they relate to the story. You might also look at the cosmogony in relation to wider interests in the overall cosmology of the cultural group that you’re studying. It may be useful to bring human beings into the story, if they’re (well, “we are”) included in this cosmogony. 

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