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 Real Life PROMPT 1

What is a real-world example of a contingency shaped behavior and rule-governed behavior you engage in? Think about your daily behavior and determine if it is a primarily rule-governed or contingency-shaped behavior. Explain your rationale.

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to Sarah Mocho u06d1 prompt 1COLLAPSE

An example of a contingency-shaped behavior that I engage in daily is getting up on time for work. I typically snooze my alarm several times in the morning, but I have learned that if I snooze my alarm too many times, I will be late to work and I lose out on the time that I work. An example of rule-governed behavior that I follow is traffic rules. Following traffic rules is governed by underlying contingencies, such as getting a ticket if the rules are broken.

Sarah Mocho

Taylor McNamara unit 6 discussion 1 prompt 1COLLAPSE

A contingency shaped behavior is any behavior that is controlled by exposure to the contingency. An example of a contingency shaped behavior I have used and followed in my life would be when I was younger and we first adopted my dog, whom as a puppy was very intrigued by anything and anyone who had passed us on walks. I had learned to loop the leash around my hand more than once to have a steady grip on him so that if he were to pull of jump I would not loose the leash or him, which had happened previously and scared me very badly.

A rule governed behavior is a verbally controlled behavior that also is maintained by indirect acting contingencies. An example of a rule-governed behavior was when I fist started tumbling at my cheerleading gym and first learning how to do a back handspring. My coaches had always told me to follow my hands with my eyes when jumping back into the skill so that I can see where I am going and have the best form to complete my back handspring. From that day forward I will always follow my hands with my eyes with any skill so that I am safe and performing my tumbling properly.  

Taylor McNamara

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