Design | Mechanical Engineering homework help


Description and requirements: 



Machines are the devices that transfer or transform energy to do useful work. These contain mechanism (s) which are designed to provide forces and transmit power. Efficiently designed mechanisms transfer or transform given input motion to specified output motion in the machines. Mechanisms could be planar or spatial. 

Objective of design project: 

The objective is to design an innovative toy model using principles of simple planar mechanism. Some ideas can be taken from the above simple mechanisms. 

Students are required to carefully select lengths of various links of the mechanism (Synthesis and Analysis of mechanism) so that uniform motion among various parts/links is possible. 


Overall dimensions and materials of the model should be selected such that weight should not exceed 1.5 Kg. Overall dimensions of the mechanism must not exceed (30 cm × 30 cm × 30 cm). For the weight calculations you can search for online sites to determine densities of different materials. 

Design project report  

Submit a design report on the design model. The report must consist of the following sections: 

Design Specifications & Constraints: Objectives and constraints of design project 

Design Methodology: Design calculations (Kinematic analysis: Position, velocity and acceleration), weight calculations and dimensions (Synthesis analysis) of various links, number and types of joints, links and types of pairs must be clearly mentioned. 

• Neat and clear sketches or pictures of all parts/ links of the final proposed model. You can use some pictures from net to support your design idea. 

• References must be properly written at the end of report. 

Special Instructions: 

• Number of Students per group 4-5 (maximum 5 students) 

• Project report must be written using MS word and report should be numbered. A two to four pages report would be enough. 

• Include “project evaluation form” as front page of design report 

• Design of an innovative toy model based on the motion of above given mechanisms must be provided. Your proposed model design must not be exactly working on the principles of “four bar chain” or “slider crank mechanism” 

Consulting Material/Reference sources:  Any Design of Machinery book 

• How it is made from discovery Channel 


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