Create powerpoint slides that describe the strengths and weaknesses

1. Analyze at least 5 digital and social media channels that could be used by the Dove Company.

2.  Create a PowerPoint slide that describes the strengths and weaknesses of each digital or social media channel as a marketing tool for the Dove Company. (Minimum 5 Slides – one for each digital or social media channel)

3. Dove is looking to repair it’s marketing blunder depicted below:

Dove had a win with the positive body image “Real Beauty” campaign featuring real women in a positive light. It was an empowering campaign.

In fact, the campaign has been running for 15 years and is widely noted as one of the most successful marketing campaigns. The company is striving to help reinforce a positive body image for women.

Then, Dove got their hands dirty. In England, they released limited edition packaging designed to present diverse representations of female bodies. Their packaging compared women’s figures to abstract, shapeless soap bottles.

Simply put, the packaging sent the wrong message.

The release became a punchline and a source of genuine concern on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They only released seven different shapes to choose from, forcing women to choose the bottle that matched their shape.

Instead of reinforcing a strong body image, it ended up increasing self-consciousness.

Please format in APA format. Include citations on slides and a separate slide that lists the references.

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