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 Job : software developer

Background: Read the article at the link below by Nicole Fallon entitled “Destination Dream Job”. Pay close attention to the roadmap outlined in the article about career progression. Fallon outlines 4 steps that one needs to take to reach their career goal (see link below). Career experts have also shared their advice for mapping out a path to one’s ultimate dream job. Those steps include: (1) Know where you want to go, (2) Focus on the tools you need, (3) Find a guide, and (4) Be open to changing your route.

Your assignment

Write and submit a paper that applies these steps to your career progression. It should take just a short paragraph that address each of the four steps mentioned above. For step #1 you should look at where you are now (what industry, job, position, etc.).  Also answer where you want to go (industry, job, position, salary, etc.) from here. For step #2, I would like you to go online and explore various job announcements and position descriptions to see what you need (what experience, degree, certification, interest, passion, etc.). In this context, I also would like you to state how pursuing this degree, and this course specifically, is a tool for the career direction in which you are going. Then for step #3, do you know anyone who might be a mentor; are you pursuing opportunities to network with like-mined professionals, etc. Finally, for step #4, is there some short-term deviation from your goal that you would accept – what is it?

The background and online research for this assignment must be done individually and specifically by you; so your post must be individual. As I have always mentioned, do not cut and paste information from other sources – I want your view and in your words.   As your reader, I want to be able to follow whatever sources you use, so support your views (and findings) with at least two different in-text citations . This means you will also need an APA style reference list. For this assignment (only), an url reference is acceptable (not usually acceptable for APA).  

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