Paper 1 through 5 , 250 words/ two scholarly sources each! due 2/9

Paper 1: 250 word Min. 2 scholarly sources

 What do comparison of arrest data, self-report data, and findings of cohort studies suggest about the existenc:e social class or racial bias in the juvenile justice process? 

Paper 2:  250 word Min. 2 scholarly sources

 In the social context of the juvenile justice system, define political economy and the influence on the practice of the juvenile justice system. 

Paper 3: 250 word min 2 scholarly sources APA format

 Many critics contend that juveniles often are denied basic protections in the juvenile justice process and that the continued informality of the juvenile courts fails to serve either the juveniles’ best interests or the best interests of the community. The text noted that juvenile court adjudications typically have 11 features that work to the advantage of prosecutors. Identify two features/advantages for prosecutors that are important and why. 

Paper 4: 250 word min 2 scholarly sources APA format

 In the Roper v. Simmons U.S. Supreme Court case, one of the arguments was that children are different from adults constitutionally. Identify which consideration is the most important in criminal sentencing and why? 

Paper 5: 250 word min 2 scholarly sources APA format

 The textbook discusses the importance of due process in the juvenile justice system. Furthermore, the text provides four established proceedings designed to protect individual rights and liberties. Identify which proceeding is the most important in the juvenile justice and why? 

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