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I need these 3 follow-up questions answered in 150-200 words each with references

Elements of Intercultural Communication

ASSESSMENT: Stereotypes Extended into Digital Media….

Have you ever witnessed someone exemplifying stereotypical tendencies in digital media? If yes, provide the example, situation, and/or narrative you experienced in mediated communication firsthand.


Give a definition for the following term 

· Standard Error of Estimate

Give an example of its use in applied research.


· Frequency Distributions

Oftentimes it can be difficult to “connect the dots” and see how these concepts are applied in practice. One way frequency distributions are often used in public health is to describe a sample, or the participants in a study. We can use frequency distributions to visualize the breakdown of gender, race/ethnicity, income, and many other demographic examples. This helps give us an overview of the participants.

How else do you imagine using frequency distributions in public health?

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