Chura and marwe | Article writing homework help

This writing assignment (“Chura and Marwe”) is due on 1/28/ 2021.

Here is the “How to Construct an Essay” guideline I promised.  You may refer to this often, because it will be very helpful for all of your essays this semester.

How to Construct an Essay | Josh May (

Also, you will read “Chura and Marwe”, a delightful African folktale.  After reading this story carefully.  Here is the link to the story:

chura_and_marwe.pdf (

Your essay questions will be varied.  Pick one or the other:

Essay #1. Define the protagonists, Chura and Marwe.  Examine what they say and what they do.  Define their personalities, their hopes and their dreams.  Be sure to use a minimum of two quotations for each character.  Length:  two full pages.  Consider using some of the suggestions offered in “How to Construct an Essay” (see the link above). 

Essay #2.  In what ways do both characters overcome great difficulties?  Explain what happens to Chura and Marwe as they go their separate ways.  Two pages 4 “quotations”.


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