case analysis – employee satisfaction | MGMT501 | DeVry College of New York

 Read the Case Study “The Container Store’s Secret to Success” available in the textbook, Chapter 9 (Ferrell et al., 2020). 

 Report addressing the following: 

  • A summary of the case
  • Describe the Hygiene factors observable in the case.
  • Describe the “motivators” that The Container Store uses to motivate its employees.
  • Using any of the theories of motivation (other than Herzberg’s Two  Factor theory), describe how this organization can use those practices  to increase job motivation and share at least two ideas to increase  motivation.
  • Close this paper with an analysis in which you apply the discussed  concepts to appraise critically the importance of the managerial issues  addressed in this paper. Use real-life examples to explain the  importance of these concepts.
  • Include at least three references with your APA report.

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