Research paper – currents tends

Due: March 10


Topic: The Effect of Using Screen Devices (including TV) on Young Children age 3-5 years


1. After completing your outline follow these steps to write a research paper: (30 POINTS)

a. Write a detailed explanation of how the current trend is connected to young children’s characteristics and needs. In essence, think about your current trend and examine “what young children are like” and what needs do they have as it relates to the current trend you selected.

[Standard 1a: Knowing and understanding young children’s characteristics and needs]

b. Explain the multiple influences of your current trend on young children’s development and learning in your home community by giving four (4) positive or negative examples of how the trend affects their physical, cognitive, and/or social-emotional development.

[Standard 1b: Knowing and understanding the multiple influences on development and learning]

c. Based on the developmental knowledge of young children, document at least two (2) specific actions that the early childhood educator could implement within the classroom learning environment to promote and/or combat the current trend identified. 

[Standard 1c: Using developmental knowledge to create healthy learning environments.]

d. In an effort to involve families in their child’s development and learning, document at least two (2) specific recommendations to promote and/or combat the current trend identifies within the home environment. Remember, your recommendations should be written in the spirit of creating and maintaining respectful and reciprocal relationships with families.

[Standard 2c: Involving families and communities in their children’s development and learning]

Organize your information into a 500-600 word paper, using MLA format, with attention to CUPS Capitalization, Grammar Usage, Punctuation, and Spelling

[Supportive Skill 2: Mastering and applying foundational concepts from general  education]

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