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Every project must meet the following basic criteria:

  • Usefulness: The project should be aimed at an audience of your fellow classmates. Projects that are particularly successful will be incorporated into this course in the future. As you may have noticed, many of the suggestions involve making improvements to the textbook or introducing additional elements for the course. However, some projects may be fun and entertaining. That can be useful, too, as long as these fun and entertaining projects contain material that is relevant to the course. All projects must be relevant to the course material.
  • Original Work: Every project must be the original work of its authors. That said, original work may involve taking information from the web or contributing to information on the web. However, you are being graded on your contribution only. So, you must assemble the information in a way that is useful, clever, or insightful.

All projects should strive for the following:

  • Accuracy: When presenting information, make sure that you understand what you are saying that what you are saying is correct. There is nothing worse than a misleading guide.
  • Clarity: Whatever project you take on, make sure that the finished product is clear. Remember that your audience is your fellow classmates. What you write should be clear to other students. Define your terms, use sections headings or outlines where appropriate, use design to make your ideas clear.

Because of the variety of different projects that may be submitted, I am looking for a balance the following criteria. For instance, a project that excels at one of these criteria may not succeed at another.

  • Polish: A project is polished if it is ready for publication (or “ready for prime time”). This means that the language is clear and concise (no extra words or sentences). The images and design are clean and clear. If your project doesn’t satisfy the other criteria listed below, it had better be polished!
  • Ambition: An ambitious project attempts something creative, original, or a synthesis of a lot of information. I caution you to be very careful about being overly ambitious. However, I will reward ambitious projects if they satisfy other criteria.
  • Insight: A project is insightful if it presents information in a new way that will assist students in understanding the material by linking concepts together that may not be obvious.
  • Application: A project that has a clear application for students in the course will be rewarded even if it is not necessarily innovative or insightful.
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